Newly resettled graduates and professional competencies and experiences resettled represent an important resource for the work field in the US as much as it does to them in confidence, self-esteem, and contribution to their new country. Positive and resourceful engagement with work environment gives them a creative interaction that reflects on their families’ integration with ambitious and prosperous future.
The diversified qualification of these new arrivals in engineering, medical, pure applied, and social sciences justifies establishing this association as a wide welcoming professional hub that works for their progress and development.
Newcomers to this area has a serious need to this professional network that embrace and organize their interests according to state and federal rules and regulations. This Association aims to inform its members about the professional requirements of the work field through programs, counseling, and guidance and support to gear their credentials and qualifications in accordance to employment and work opportunities.
A group of Iraqi engineers in San Diego took the initiative of this association to encourage sharing acquired professional knowledge and experiences among themselves as well as other disciplines and regardless of country of origin in order to widen the scope of both benefits and contribution of this Association and members.

Association Bylaw

First section: The Association, main goals
Article 1 – Definition
“International Graduates Association-to be referred to in this document as Association or IGA” is a professional, nonprofit, and non-governmental association that does not adopt or represent any political, religious, or racial affiliation based in San Diego – California. Its activities and programs follow and comply with local, state and federal laws.
Article 2 – Headquarter
Its headquarter is located in San Diego- California. The Association may have branches and offices in other cities in the United States or may develop relations with other similar professional associations that does not contradict this mission and bylaws.
Article 3 – Main Goals
Engage and support the professional interests of international newcomer members;disseminate the professional and work knowledge; provide programs and opportunities for rehabilitation, development, and jobs for members; bridge the professional cooperation with work field to the benefit the association and its members. The association work to fulfill all these goals to all members’ interest.
Second Section: Membership
Article 4 – Enrollment
Membership to the IGA is accomplished by;
1. Submitting a designed membership application that highlight the Association identity, goals, and the endorsement of two members of the general assembly and a member in the administrative committee, and paying the subscription. The administrative committee is to assess all requests within two weeks of submission in accordance with the Association bylaw.
2. Applicants should accept the principles and goals of the Association enlisted in the mission statement and bylaw.
3. Payment of annual subscription.
Article 5 – Termination of Membership
Membership may be terminated in following cases;
1. Voluntary written request from the member
2. Violation of membership conditions enlisted in this bylaw, or acting in contradiction to the goals of the Association or committing an act that disrepute the Association and harm its independence and programs.
3. Not paying the annual subscription after enrollment without reasonable excuse.
Third Section: Organizational Setup
Article 6 – General Assembly
The highest authority in the Association; it consists of all enrolled and registered members to its previous general meeting
1. The general assembly convene annually in the Association headquarter, it can hold an exceptional meeting upon a request from two thirds of its members or a request from the administrative committee and approval of the board of directors in exceptional circumstances
2. The general assembly convene by simple majority of registered members in records. In case of no quorum, the meeting is adjourned for one month to be held afterward by those present. Decisions of the general assembly are taken by majority.
3. The general assembly draw the frame work of the Association, its development and continuity.
4. The general assembly discuss and approve the board of director’s report
5. The general assembly discuss and approve the administrative committee report on the Association programs, activities, and the financial budget report submitted and approved by the board of directors.
6. Approve the submitted amendments by the board of directors on the Association bye law with absolute majority.
7. Election of the board of directors for 2 years’ term renewable for one extra term only per member. Renewal become by default if the general assembly fail to convene.
8. Election of new administrative committee for one-year term renewable for one extra term only. Renewal become by default if the general assembly fail to convene and by recommendation of the board of directors.
9. Delegate or amend board of directors or administrative committee disputable authorities or practices in case requested to judge these disputes.
Article 7- Board of Directors
A consultative board mandates to draw the general policies and goals of the Association, see them approved by the general assembly, and supervise implication for the period between general meetings.
1. Provide assistance, and guidance to the administrative committee in executing its duties without interfering its duties and mandate.
2. Consist of five members including the president. Members are elected from general assembly members for two years’ term.
3. Board members are selected for their experience, knowledge, and trustworthiness, and volunteerism.
4. Board members are not to practice any administrative duties in the Association.
5. The board of directors has monthly meetings with presence of two thirds quorum and takes decisions by simple majority.
6. The board of directors is established by the first general assembly meeting following the Association full official registration.
Article 8 – Administrative Committee
Highest executive authority in the Association that collaborate with the board of directors to implement Association’s goals and programs to the benefit of members.
1. Comprise of five members and two substitutes elected by the general assembly, their term is voluntary for one year.
2. The committee elects its president in first meeting. He/she is elected for competency and capacity to manage and represent the committee’s activities and programs and bilateral business.
3. The committee assign its duties to its members once elected; it may assign or task subcommittees to implement specific programs and activities to serve the Association goals.
4. The committee manage and administer all activities and programs and duties in accordance with applied rules and regulations.
5. Hold and organize organizational and financial log books and document various activities that serve Association members and their positioning and interests.
6. Cooperate and collaborate with similar organizations in the USA or other places to the benefit of Association members.
7. Enhance financial capacity of the Association by attracting membership and encouraging unconditional gifts and contributions.
Fourth Section: General Articles
Article 9
IGA has the right to engage or perform buying-selling assets and financial exchanges in accordance to local and federal rules and regulations.
Article 10
The Association can be dissolved by a request of two thirds of the general assembly members and the approval of three quarters of assembly members. The general assembly has the right to deal with left over properties and belongings of the Association in accordance to applicable laws.
Article 11
1. At necessities and the approval of both board of directors and administrative committee this bylaw may be amended by approval of two thirds of the general assembly members in a general meeting.
2. The president of the administrative committee may facilitate the implementation of this bylaws in what may not contradict with general local and federal laws and orders.